Do you believe your home may be Haunted? Are you hearing strange noises, footsteps, and things that you just can't explain? We are a small Paranormal group, located in Truro NS, called Caretakers Paranormal, and we can help!


Whether you are just curious about the Paranormal, or are experiencing Paranormal activity,  you have come to the right place! 


One of the biggest questions we all face in life is, what is really waiting for us on the other side? Is what we have been taught to believe, or is there more? Since forming Caretakers, our quest for answers has led us on a journey that we could have never imagined, and paths that we no longer question.

We are often asked, why do not all spirits not go into the light? Many spirits choose to remain earthbound for many reasons. Some of the most common are, beliefs, unfinished business, waiting for loved ones, or sudden death. What ever their reason may be, it's our goal to learn their story, and to try and help them, and you, in any way that we can.

At Caretakers, our desire is not to be just another paranormal team. While "Ghost hunting" can be fun, our goal is to provide real answers for those who are truly being affected by the Paranormal, and need help. To do that, we are constantly researching, investigating paranormal activity, and working with others in all fields relating to the spirit world.  While there are no "professionals" in this field, there are those who are genuinely passionate about what they do, and are there to help you.  

We are always interested in hearing about your personal experiences, or answering any questions that you may have, so please feel free to contact us at any time!


To read some local stories that people have submitted, please drop by Nova Scotia Ghost Stories and Legends, for some great stories!

Join us in our quest, as we continue to investigate, and document paranormal activity, to further our understanding of the spirit world, and to find real answers.



It has been said that if a house has had a death in it, it can never be bought or sold.

It can only be borrowed from the Ghosts that live there.








Paranormal Investigator - Caretakers Paranormal
Paranormal Investigator - Caretakers Paranormal
Paranormal Investigator - Caretakers Paranormal
Caretakers Paranormal Investigations - Nova Scotia
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